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Spanish Wells

the Island of Spanish Wells, Eleuthera, Bahamas

What's Here & What's Not Here

Spanish Wells has blossomed into one of the most beautiful, serene, peaceful and enjoyable places in the Bahamas (and maybe even all the Carribean).

Spanish Wells is a place for those who want to vacation on a Caribbean island that is still safe, pristine and peaceful, without busy or loud tourist attractions. It is a quiet fishing village where you can enjoy modern conveniences, such as; grocery stores, dive store, computer stores, office supplies, great local restaurants, gift shops and dry goods, marine supplies, medical services, pharmacy, hardware store, bank w/ATM, etc., but still relax on a gorgeous white-sand beach.

But beaches aren’t Spanish Wells only claim to fame. The island is fringed by water as clear as glass. Stretching from Spanish Wells to the northeast tip of Eleuthera is a beautiful barrier reef called the Devil’s Backbone, which is fantastic for snorkeling. There is excellent deep sea or sport fishing a few miles offshore where experienced fishers can snag tuna, marlin or wahoo. Closer to the island are world-class bone fishing grounds. 

Connected by a short bridge, and generally considered to be part of Spanish Wells, is Russell Island.  Take a buggy ride and enjoy the beauty of Russell Island.

Spanish Wells is just around the corner from its very glitzy, ritzy (and expensive) cousin, Harbour Island. 

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What's Here:

  • world class beaches

  • friendly people

  • great restaurants (Shipyard, Wreckers, the Gap, Anchor Bar, Budda's Snack Shack)

  • grocery store (the Food Fair)

  • ice cream and bakery vendors

  • liquor store

  • pharmacy

  • gift shops

  • fishing, snorkelling, and exploring tours

  • swimming pigs

  • boat rentals

  • churches (we recommend the Peoples Church)

  • medical clinic

What's Not Here:

  • no casinos

  • no dance clubs

  • no cruise ships

  • no line ups

  • no crowds

  • no shopping malls

  • no traffic

  • no crime

  • no pushy beach vendors

  • no golf courses 

  • no Walmart . . . or other large super markets

  • no McDonald's . . . or Starbucks or Timmies

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